Rail Mounted Desiccant Unit

The Rail Mounting Desiccant Unit is designed to rectify the problems associated with excess humidity inside electrical enclosures. If excess humidity is left to condensate, it will ultimately degrade components such as terminals and wiring cores, change contact resistance, cause flashovers and current fluctuations, thereby resulting in system failure.

Key Features

The Product

  • Prolongs the life span of the enclosure & components by removing excess humidity.
  • Maintains signal accuracy by reducing degradation of cores/terminals

  • Easily retrofitted – 30 seconds to install.
  • No running costs, non-toxic and non-flammable.
  • Designed to be mounted onto the most widely used type of terminal rail – TS35/Top Hat Rail.
  • Designed to be installed at the top of an electrical enclosure where humidity is most present.
  • Contains 50g of silica – Sufficient for enclosures up to 50L

  • Slim design – Only utilising 20mm of terminal rail.

  • Visual indication of when silica is to be replaced. Orange to colourless indicating silica gel.

  • Available in two versions. Single use version with encapsulated silica gel. Reusable version with the ability to remove and replace spent silica gel.

  • Provides an early warning system – If silica is changed too often this prompts a need to investigate a possible failure with the enclosures IP rating.

  • The RMD Unit can be installed alongside other humidity controlling devices such as panel heaters / air conditioning systems. If the silica requires replacing on a regular basis this will prompt for further investigation as to why other controlling devices are failing to regulate humidity.

  • The RMD Unit can be installed within any electrical enclosure and is applicable to every industrial sector.

Tech Specs

  • Indicating Silica Desiccant – 50g

  • Material – Polycarbonate & Stainless Steel

  • Colour – Bright White.

  • Operating Temperature Range – -40 to +70 degrees °C.

  • Environmental Protection – Resistant to alcohols, ethers, hydrocarbons, weak acids and bases.

  • Typical application based upon a 50L enclosure – IP67 rated – Approximately 6-9 months.